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The cultivation of wine began in the Southern Caucasus about 8000 years ago. Until modern times, wine was fermented and aged in the clay amphora, the Qvevri. This old tradition has been experiencing a renaissance on a professional level in Georgia for about 10 years now. It is no wonder that wine growing in the Qvevri was declared an intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2013. But what makes a wine a natural wine anyway?

The vineyard is stimulated to self-preservation in the biodynamic system. Because no artificial irrigation is used, the roots must grow deeper to find water and thus become stronger. The renunciation of pure yeast and any pesticides finally leads to an unadulterated and original taste of the grape, which we hardly find in conventional wines. However, this requires particularly intensive and attentive vineyard care, where work is done exclusively by hand.

These are our natural wines; did we make you curious?